Day Of Scattering vol.3

Poster artwork for Day Of Scattering vol.3 fest in Trikala. The concept was based on the joke that is the justice system around here and the case of H.



TeknoTerror BeerKrater

Seems like Adolf got himself in the wrong brawl. Cover artwork commissioned for the Teknokrater / Beer Terror split tape. You can give it a listen right here!



Untitled #004

Artwork purposed for the poster of a local gig.




Finally managed to finish the cover artwork for the crusties Discordance from Patras/Athens. To be released in 12" vinyl sometime in early autumn. The general theme is, as you guessed it, Chernobyl. This theme has bled out to the rest of the layout...




 Cover artwork for Dead On Parole's 2nd release in CD format. This one got completed at the very last minute so we could have the physical release with us on tour, but I think it turned out ok. I will take my time with the artwork for the vinyl release though...