untitled #005

Private commission work. Based theme-wise on the "We All Drown Together"/"Home" sessions. One more piece to go before I move away from these particular aesthetics..




Nothing you do in this life that is actually worth doing is finite. There is no end point, no reward, no rest, no winning or losing or giving up. You just keep at it, like breathing. And it's messy, it's overwhelming, even discouraging at times, definitely not something you come out of unscathed. Like an unyielding storm you must navigate your way through, and there might be a couple of lighthouses along the way but there really are no ports. Anchors can always weigh you down and change is the only constant.
This... This is home.



we all drown together

Cover artwork for Dead On Parole's vinyl release of "Πληγές" full-length.




Been working on this throughout 2017, dropping some inks whenever a little bit of free time presented itself... In case you want to use this in a strictly non-commercial manner, go ahead and steal it (maybe get in touch first for a high res file). I'll print some posters out of this to give away with a free admission (a.k.a. name your price) to help me keep doing what I'm doing...



fertility and the underworld

Commissioned album artwork, the details of which I can not reveal at this time, loosely based on Cernunnos, the "horned god" of Celtic polytheism. I expect to have some prints made of this one early in 2018.