we all drown together

Cover artwork for Dead On Parole's vinyl release of "Πληγές" full-length.




Been working on this throughout 2017, dropping some inks whenever a little bit of free time presented itself... In case you want to use this in a strictly non-commercial manner, go ahead and steal it (maybe get in touch first for a high res file). I'll print some posters out of this to give away with a free admission (a.k.a. name your price) to help me keep doing what I'm doing...



fertility and the underworld

Commissioned album artwork, the details of which I can not reveal at this time, loosely based on Cernunnos, the "horned god" of Celtic polytheism. I expect to have some prints made of this one early in 2018.




Front and back cover artwork for the Zebu / Dead Elephant 7" split. Big thanks to those guys for their patience and for trusting me with both composition and realization on this one. You can give this a listen and order a copy of it here & here.



untitled #004

Artwork purposed for the poster of a local gig.