Welcome to the Furnace...

My name is Mike and I am a self-taught artist based in Athens, Greece. I do commission work that includes but is not limited to album artwork, merchandise, logo design, poster design and layouts and I also have a shop with my own prints and merchandise. I mainly work with inks, sometimes with pencils, and I can arrange and enhance illustrations through digital means. You can browse through my gallery to get a better understanding of my skills and aesthetics.

Just to make things crystal clear, under no circumstances will I produce anything that promotes racism/sexism/fascism/speciesism in any way. Generally intolerance and hatred aimed at a group of animals, human or not, won't be tolerated.

If you are in need of an illustrator and like what you see, feel free to contact me at putrefurnaced@gmail.com to learn more about my work patterns, fees, schedule or anything else that comes to mind.  I lean more on conceptualizing the whole endeavor, though I am always willing to realize an idea you already have in mind. If you feel that my art is to your liking, I'd appreciate it if you followed me on social media through the icons above.

Thanx for taking the time and looking around!
Take care!